UK Life Sciences Boom

Good times for UK Life Science Surging energy prices, a cost-of-living crisis, looming stagflation and struggling stock markets: 2022’s financial headlines have seemed almost universally negative. Amidst all this gloom, it should not

Pharmaceutical Industry Reputation Post-COVID

The modern Pharma industry has long had issues around “reputation” and much of the criticism has often centred on drug pricing. Commercial organisations developing and selling life changing and life-saving products are held

Pfizer: A History

Like most pharmaceutical companies established in the nineteenth century, Pfizer’s origins are as a fine chemicals company. Charles Pfizer and his cousin established “Charles Pfizer & Company, Manufacturing Chemists in New York in


The buzzword “Multichannel” has been thrown around in pharma marketing circles for a few years now and it has always irked me a little. What marketing isn’t multichannel? Exactly who are these brand

Healthcare 2015: It’s getting personal

There will probably come a time when many of us will routinely monitor, track and record an array of health metrics on a daily basis. Medicine may start to become an exercise in