Industry Transparency

There is a big debate going on in the pharmaceutical industry at the moment and it’s a ‘big data’ debate. The topic of the moment is transparency: clinical trial data transparency, regulator transparency,

Doctors’ Online Habits- Reach v Engagement

Given the amount of resource that companies plough into websites and online initiatives these days, it is beholden on any healthcare marketer to take an interest in the browsing habits of doctors. Two

Facebook Marketing: Any Role in Healthcare?

It has now been nearly a year since Facebook’s initial public offering valued the company at $104billion, and ever since the market has being trying to decide whether that figure was wise or

Healthcare Industry APPs

PME MASTERCLASS FEATURE-  APP fever seems to have gripped the healthcare industry where product managers feel somehow out-of-touch if they don’t have a phone APP in development. In this article we’ll look at

We moving forward

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